All-4-HR & Business Solutions

will manage Owner/Operator

monthly expenses --

relieving you of the headache!

Trucking Industry

Are you a trucking company?  All-4-HR & Business Solutions will virtually manage your truck drivers while you concentrate on building your company. 


The trucking industry is fast-paced, with ever-changing laws and regulations. All-4-HR & Business Solutions is constantly updated on regulatory changes. While laws and regulations are changing, company owners must have the energy and time to focus on industry changes, truck drivers (company drivers/owner-operators) and business development to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.


Some of the many HRM Solutions we provide: 


  • Recruiting and onboarding 

  • Employee engagement 

  • Progressive discipline

  • Performance management

  • Administering effective HR policies, procedures, and strategies

  • Preparation and management of employee handbooks and all HR documentation

  • Company Intranet

  • Training and development

  • Administration of HR plans

  • Monthly virtual status meetings

  • Monthly staff webinars


All-4-HR & Business Solutions is an extension of your Team!


As an owner/operator, you do not have time to comb through settlement statements every week to assure accuracy.

All-4-HR & Business Solutions assures accuracy in your settlement statements each pay period and prepares detailed documentation for end-of-the-year tax preparation. 

Along with electronic bookkeeping, All-4-HR & Business Solutions is available to answer labor/employment, trucking industry questions and concerns. We are here to ease your HR worries.  


Business Can Be Like a Circus -- Don't Let HR Be the Elephant in the Room!

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