Efficient HRM Tip #5 -- The Right HRIS Will Be Your Best Friend!




Whether you are computer savvy or not, if you a business owner you NEED a human resource information system (HRIS) in place. The days of housing paper applications and handwritten and sticky notes are over.  I am not saying you can’t manage information the old fashion way. In terms of efficiency – is it efficient or effective to operate a business in such a manner.  If you are operating a business that way, I ENCOURAGE YOU to come into the Light! In Tip #1 of our 30-day Efficient HRM Tip series, I talked about the importance of being organized. I shared my top picks for cloud-based organization and production tools. 



Here I am going to share my 5 top picks for small business human resource information systems (HRIS):


Top Pick #1:  If you are a small company, starting out and growing, Apptivo https://www.apptivo.com/login/ is a great start HRIS platform to start. I shared Apptivo in my Efficient HRM Tip #1. Apptivo is very user friendly and good for those that are just delving into the technology field as business owners. Apptivo has team collaboration capabilities, client relationship management (CRM) capability, invoicing, human resource management capabilities and so much more.


Top Pick #2:  Bamboohr http://bit.ly/2sCZ5dW. Is pretty user friendly. The platform, as with Top Pick #2, has a good fill.  It is however not free.  It offers alike an ala carte, based on what functionality you are seeking for your business. Bamboohr offers payroll services, applicant tracking, onboarding, etc.  The self-serve products are charged on a per-user bases. Great product, very nice looking.


Top Pick #3: https://www.zoho.com/people/ would be my next choice. It has a nice feel to it and is very cost effective. They have a plan free for up to 5 employees. It offers a variety of functionalities, i.e., applicant tracking, document management, time tracking, form customization, accounting software, project management, client relationship management (CRM) etc. I really like Zoho People!


Top Pick #4: Zenefits would be my next choice. Zenefits https://www.zenefits.com/services/ offers benefits, payroll, HR administration, tracking and timekeeping. Zenefits is not as cost-effective as the above three platforms. Does not offer all the functionalities as the previous 3. It is a great platform however.


Top Pick #5: GoCo. https://www.goco.io/ is a relatively simple platform. GoCo offers automated employee hiring and onboarding, online employee-benefit management, Integration and syncing with existing payroll providers or setting up a new payroll system.  GoCo can also be integrated with Slack and WhenIWork (employee scheduling) and document storage and compliance documents. GoCo is pretty cost-effective.


Hope this helps! Because you NEED an HRIS. 


Thanks for reading our Blog! 



April D. Halliburton, MBA, BA

Founder/CEO of

All-4-HR & Business Solutions LLC 

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