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Halloween is No Excuse!!!

Alright folks, it's that time again! No, not Christmas -- Not Yet! But Halloween! For a lot of people, it is their most fun day of the year. For others, it is that time of the year to do unacceptable things in the workplace! NO!!!

MY Number 1 Rule -- If you have to second guess the costume you are wearing to work. . . . You know that small voice that says... "I wonder . . . ." Yes, that one -- DON'T WEAR IT!

People magazine and Amazon have identified some popular 2018 Halloween costumes that raise red flags:

  • An inflatable, giant "poop" emoji.

  • A Bill Cosby costume that depicts the comedian hauling away an unconscious woman.

  • Costumes that depict celebrities who've recently died from overdoses or committed suicide.

  • A President Donald Trump costume, complete with a garish, comb-over wig.

  • Sexy costumes inspired by the dramatic series "The Handmaid's Tale," which explores themes of women in subjugation.

TIPS to Guard Against Halloween Bloops and Blunders!!

Some employees may be offended and totally opposed to celebrating Halloween! Equal consideration must be given to Halloween participants and non-participants. You may want to consider offering those that are offended by Halloween the option of taking the day off. If taking the day off, offer telecommuting from home that day.

Make sure your managers are trained in how to address non-compliant Halloween employees. Halloween is one of those instances when religious discrimination claims may surface. It is important to have this discussion withe management and non-management staff how important it is to remain sensitive and respectful of everyone. Halloween can be a fun time, if everyone is respectful of everyone.

Employees who wish to participate in the festivities bring a change of clothes, just in case. Suggest that employees who participate in the costume festivities bring a change of clothes "just in case".

Pick up a few pairs of pants and pull-over sweaters for those employees that STILL do not to Get it! For those instances, where the costume has to be removed.

Set boundaries with respect to Halloween Decorations at all times. Halloween decorations are purely voluntary and should also, be respectful of others' feelings, religions, ethnicity, etc.

Happy Halloween!!

Feel free to Share your Halloween Mishaps Below in the comments!!!!



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