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Revolutionary Recruiting: 5 Strategies Used By the Most Savvy Companies

Right now in the United States, there are about six million open jobs, according to NPR. Unfortunately, some of those open job listings will sit idle for a while before they are filled. Companies need the right people in the roles in their workforce, but sometimes finding those people in the modern pool of candidates is can feel overwhelming. Getting a leg up over competitors to get the attention of prospects is the most important part of a successful recruiting strategy. In this post, we share some of the ways the savviest companies are upping their games with new recruiting strategies in order to find candidates that will make a dramatic impact on their business.

1. Hold a Highly Advertised Hiring Event

What if hosting a job fair was like hosting a major event with free food, door prizes, and the potential for visitors to land a position in the company? Hiring events or job fairs can be treated like highly advertised and publicized events, and when they are, you could attract an entire slew of potential recruits. In 2011, McDonald's desperately needed to fill a bunch of open shifts, so they created an event they dubbed as "National Hiring Day" and made announcements that they wanted to onboard 50,000 new hires to their new and existing stores.

2. Use SMS Messages for Hiring Practices

Imagine this, a recruit applies for a position in your company, opts for text message communications, and you see their credentials and send them a text right away to let them know they are in the running. When you improve your recruiting communication, you are less likely to lose a recruit to another agency because they assume you don't want them because you took to long to message them. Some companies are even going as far as conducting some parts of the job interview via text message, which reduces problems with bias and simplifies the whole step in the hiring process by giving you a peek into the candidate’s qualifications and mindset.

3. Evolve Your Company Brand

One of the easiest ways you can make your job roles more attractive to prospective recruits is to maximize your reach by doing things differently than you did in the past. Companies that invest some time and money into their branding as an employer are three times as likely to hire a qualified candidate. Utilize everything from commercials and online videos to job ads in new places to get the word out to everyone that your company is looking for new talent. This won't just help you in the short term either, by having a well-known brand you will automatically draw more qualified candidates to apply in the future.

4. Steal Talent When You Can

Your company needs talent; your competitor often has the best employees. If you can steal their talent, there's nothing saying you can't, and this move could leave you with the best and your opponent scrambling to find replacements. There are some pretty bold and brazen examples of this happening recently. sent out an airplane pulling a message behind it to advertise their open positions to employees at a competitive agency. Facebook even tried to nab a few Google employees through impressively attractive pay incentives. If you spend a few minutes on sites like LinkedIn, you will get a feel of who your competitors’ movers and shakers are, and you can target those that meet your hiring needs.

5. Find Alternative Places to Post Job Ads

There are many well-known platforms people turn to when they want to look for job listings, such as LinkedIn and even GlassDoor. But your job ads shouldn't be limited to the most average places. Some of the savvier companies are posting ads in unusual places in efforts to target a new pool of recruits. Amazon is a good example, which recently decided to post job listings on Tinder, which has nothing to do with the job market but is a popular dating site.

Overall, following the steps of major companies in your recruiting practices is bound to leave you with fewer open positions in your company. About three-quarters of companies are struggling to find the right talent for their job positions, but with a little thinking outside of the box, that does not have to be a problem you face.

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Joel Lee is the SEO marketing specialist at Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases.



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