• April D. Halliburton, MBA, BA

Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Bad Workplace Cultures

Workplace Cultures are the topic of conversation in every office, in every other headline, and at every other breakfast and dinner table. While the conversation reigns supreme at newsstands, we need to focus less on the headlines and more on the message of fixing workplace culture problems. I guess one could say Bad Workplace Cultures have come to a head! One would hope and pray that as so much light is now on the issue of unspoken lies, deceit, disrespect and hurt, a new Workplace Culture, although not perfect by a long shot, will be a better workplace for our children and our children’s children!

What can we learn from bad workplace cultures? One of the most practical and yet profound things we have learned from Bad Workplace Cultures is no matter how long ago it happened, who the parties are, it will not remain hidden. At some point, the derivatives of Bad Workplace Cultures will come to light and there is no doubt about that!

The costs of the bad managers or the top salespersons, or the like, with no respect for anyone, even him/her selves is not worth it? The cost of dealing with the repercussions of the bad attitudes, mistreatment and misconduct of other employees is too high. Three out of four employees say their boss is the worst and most stressful part of their job.

When organizations start to tally up the costs of continuous recruiting, lack of retention, and training new staff, it is a hefty price to pay, indeed. When organizations start to tally up the high cost associated with stressful situations, along with the potential astronomical costs of accrued legal costs, the cost is too hefty, indeed. Sixty-five percent of employees say they would take a new boss of a pay raise. The Real Productivity-Killer: Jerks

Cultural debt sums up the cost of Bad Workplace Culture. Fast Company defines “. . .. your company’s cultural debt is the sum of all bad hires left in place and all bad behaviors left unchecked.” The Hidden Costs Of A Broken Work Culture Viewing the overall costs of Bad Workplace Culture is simply, just too costly. How many people in any given workplace say to themselves on any given day, “I knew what was happening and should have done or said something.” I am sure it is an astronomical amount of people that have contributed to these toxic cultures by simply remaining silent while others suffer in silence.

Simply put, every time we make a good hire, reject bad behavior, or prioritize integrity, we’re making deposits into our cultural bank account. And when we make a bad hire or condone poor conduct, we incur debt that will have to be paid down at some point. Not the ugly monster, Bad Workplace Cultures” has reared its ugly head, let’s Declare that we will put the welfare and health of our employees first and make our Workplace Cultures a Better Place! Learn from Bad Workplace Cultures and Make Them Better!

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