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I'm No HR Fool Recap!!

We Shared During our I’m No HR Fool Month!! Enjoy!!!10 Pitfalls to Avoid Easing Your HR Headaches!!! Below are the Blogs and Vlogs covered during the month, along with the complimentary webinar hosted on Apr. 24th, I'm No HR Fool! Check them out at your leisure!

Internet Recruiting

  • To avoid missing out on quality hires, internet recruiting should be the primary responsibility of an internet recruiter, if possible.

  • To save time, save all information sent out via mail in an electronic format.

  • To avoid losing qualified hires, be sure to personalize all responses

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Reviewing Applications

  • Avoid applicants with illegible applications.

  • Avoid applicants with applications bearing incorrect or information.

  • Avoid incomplete applications.

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Problem Employees

  • Request W-2s related to the specific job for which the applicant is applying to avoid evidence of improprieties.

  • Avoid hiring applicants who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Melodrama applicants can be identified during the interview through questions that identify the other two characteristics discussed previously.

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Hiring in High Turnover Positions

  • Conduct a job analysis of high turnover positions

  • Observation, interview, or survey

  • Make sure job description is concise and detailed and correct.

  • Internal referrals to fill high turnover positions

  • Pre-screen applicants

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Combating Fraud and Dishonesty in the Workplace!

  • Know the Reasons for Employee Fraud and Dishonesty in the Workplace.

  • Communicate the Employer’s Risk-based Approach to combat workplace fraud and dishonesty.

  • Companies Lack of Vetting and Security Screening in some organizations is central to the staff fraud problem.

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Employers Monitoring Employees Social Media Best Practices.

  • Have clear and well-defined and communicated policies re the appropriate behavior when it comes to social media networks and the consequences of non-compliance.

  • Well-defined the duties and tasks associated with each job.

  • Employees should expressly consent to all policies. Just implementing w/o explaining policies and consequences is not enough.

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