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10 Pitfalls to Avoid to Ease Your HR Headaches!!!

Recruiting is one of the most frustrating – rewarding; crazy – intriguing; comical – not so much aspects of human resources, whether you are a small or large company. The difference is the resources available to recruit top talent! The headaches however, do not vary so much. We are looking for our next great Candidate to bring onboard and work together in perfect harmony – you know like Ebony and Ivory (lol, that was a joke)!

Recruiting however, is anything but a joke! These days the talent pool is becoming less receptive, more demanding, harder to find, more competitive and yes even deceptive! YIKES!!!

There are some ways to reduce the headaches associated with that quirky recruiting process.

Internet Recruiting

Many employers like to recruit via the company website. Recruiting through the company website enables employers to not only describe the open position, but also the Company philosophy, company information, etc. Generally, when applicants visit a company’s website in their job search, they are very interested in working at that company and thus, employers receive more serious applicants.

Employers should keep in mind internet recruiting does not eliminate legal and regulatory issues with recruiting.

  • To avoid missing out on quality hires, internet recruiting should be the primary responsibility of an internet recruiter, if possible. As the internet is simply a means to generate potential applicants, the goal is to turn these leads into quality hires. Time is critical and internet candidates desire a quick response.

  • To save time, save all information sent out via mail in an electronic format. Whenever a candidate applies online, send an email response with a personal paragraph first; copy and paste recruiting information; and end with personal closing paragraph.

  • To avoid losing qualified hires, be sure to personalize all responses so applicants feel they are getting personal attention rather than a canned response.

Reviewing Applications

When reviewing resumes, an employer is looking for candidate(s) who are a good fit for the organization.

  • Avoid applicants with illegible applications. An unreadable application may be an attempt on the part of the applicant to confuse or mislead.

  • Avoid applicants with applications bearing incorrect or information, i.e., names, phone numbers, addresses and past employers that are not listed chronological. Although not an immediate disqualifier, it is a cause for concern when application information does not match other verifiable records.

  • Avoid incomplete applications. Incomplete applications are surely a red flag.

Problem Employees

It is quite possible that you have found your ideal candidate to fill your open position. They are available to start immediately, only to later discovery the individual did not measure up to the job. You are now wondering if you missed something during the interview.

  • To avoid evidence of improprieties, if requesting previous W-2s, be sure to only request applicant’s W-2s related to the specific job for which the applicant is applying and be sure the practice is consistent with business necessity.

  • Avoid hiring low performers by asking questions about how he or she handled a difficult situation, and asking for examples of how the candidate reacted to changes or challenges.

  • Avoid hiring applicants who refuse accountability by asking candidates to describe a previous conflict with a coworker or supervisor and to describe how it was resolved or how the candidate reacted. An ideal candidate might acknowledge a failure in communication and explain his or her efforts to resolve the situation.

  • Melodrama applicants can be identified during the interview through questions that identify the other two characteristics discussed previously. For example, if the candidate is asked to identify a conflict and how it was resolved, the nature of the conflict selected by the candidate for illustration may provide clues about what he/she considers problematic. For instance, if the example involves seemingly petty disputes or if the candidate seems to have experienced a lot of conflicts, these may indicate that the person is easily overwhelmed.

Recruiting can be a very frustrating process Indeed! I hope the above tips can help you avoid your next hire being a nightmare!

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