• April D. Halliburton, Founder/CEO

Management Monday -- Recruiting in Review!!!

Folks we have been discussing improving your recruiting results the entire month of January! Face, it, recruiting is a challenge for small and large companies. Often it is believed that the more money you invest in recruiting the better results a company will get in return! Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a certain amount of investing required to yield Top Talent!

But keep in mind, you can invest as money as you like into recruiting. If you do not have a consistent recruiting system in place, the amount of money spent is not going to give better results! This month, we shared recruiting tips and answered Recruiting questions.

Some tips for improving your Recruiting results that All-4-HR & Business Solutions had shared throughout this Recruiting Month are below:

  • Employee Engagement and Recruiting go hand-in-hand! If you are not already doing so are:

  • Include employee testimonials and/or customer testimonials on your website. Once applicants locate a position to apply, the next step is to go to the company website to see what things are being done at or said about a potential new employer.

  • Make sure your job descriptions are straight forward and correct. If the position has changed, be sure to add or remove tasks/duties the new hire will be performing in the new position.

  • When interviewing new candidates, interview for culture fit and attitude as well as technical skills.

  • Recruiting, Hiring and On-boarding Team

  • Be sure to have a Team in place. Recruiting, hiring and on-boarding are simply to voluminous of a task for one person to take on, unless it is a one-man HR department. Even in those instances, it is recommended that you engage the assistance of a recruiting firm.

  • Be sure to carefully check references and utilize the most recent methods to do so.

  • A method I have found to be easy and less time-consuming is the survey method. You can utilize a platform like Skill Survey or Jotform and prepare your own reference check form for sending.

  • Consider looking within the company who meet the baseline criteria. Ask them to apply for the position.

  • Be sure to analyze and plan your hiring costs in advance.

  • Analyze your recruiting resources periodically for:

  • Costs

  • Effectiveness (are you yielding the best results)

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