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Full name ELLIE...born in Inkster, MI...attended HR School in Saharan Africa. Ellie specialized in Benefits, Training and Development, Employment, Recruitment and Placement, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Analysts and interpretive dance. She resides in the office of All-4-HR.


Ellie has a long history of awesomeness and ground-breaking humor, but now rules the vast kingdom of All-4-HR with her glamorous looks and charming wit. This funny furball prefers Velcro to lace-up shoes, has a soft spot for kittens, and refuses to walk long distances. As long as there are valued clients, Ellie will be found roaming the office of All-4-HR & Business Solutions shaking her groove thing.

  • Title - Official Mascot of All4HR

  • Birth Place - Inkster, MI

  • Position - Center (of Attention)

  • Birthday - August 01

  • Height - We can't measure she, won't stand still

  • Weight - A lady never tells

  • Hoof Size - 14

  • Favorite Food - Peanuts

  • Favorite Song - "Dance with the Elephant," by StoryBots

  • Favorite Movie - Disney's, Dumbo

  • Favorite TV Show - Ella The Elephant

  • Allergies - Bad attitudes and Labor Violations

Ellie the HR Elephant
Official All-4-HR & Business Solutions LLC Mascot! 
            Career Highlights

Ellie became the Official Mascot for All-4-HR & Business Solutions on Aug. 1, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie!

We Love you!!

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