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Form I-9 Expires Aug. 31

  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expected to extend the current version of the form (marked 8/31/2019) without changes, although minor clarifications will be made to the form's instructions. While it is still unclear whether DHS will provide a new expiration date for the form this month, past practice indicates that employers may continue to use the current Form I-9, even after the expiration date of the current form, until a revised version is available.

Remote Workers Have Labor Law Posting Requirements Too

  • Remote workers are becoming more and more prevalent in the workforce. In fact, remote workers account for at least 50% of the US population. Is important that supervisors keep remote workers engaged and the lines of communication open. Open lines of communication with remote workers are, in fact, more important as the absence of face-to-face interaction can quickly result in disengaged employees. Loneliness is listed as the number one issue for virtual workers. In addition to the issue of disengaged virtual workers, there is also the concern of labor law posting requirements. Read more

Discussion of Wages

  • An employer may not require that employees refrain from disclosing their wages as a condition of employment or require employees to waive their right to disclose their wages. Similarly, an employer may not terminate, discipline or discriminate against employees who disclose their wages.

Access to Personnel Files

Under the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act, employers with four or more employees must allow employees to inspect their personnel records:

  • At reasonable intervals;

  • At a location reasonably near the employee's place of employment;

  • No more than two times per calendar year; and

  • During normal office hours.

Employees may request a copy of the records, and the employer may charge a reasonable copying fee.

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