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We are passionate about making your Company a Success!


Almost a Decade of Experience in the Industry!


We Concentrate on Your HR While You Concentrate on Your Clients!

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All-4-HR & Business Solutions was started in 2009 to provide the best human resource management services to small- medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Every company needs HR! 


Many small business managers and owners take on this responsibility on their own. The right HR partner is a decision that must be made so that the correct HR decisions are in place to facilitate the growth of the company's workforce. Virtual HRM services are facilitated to meet the HR needs of your growing organization. As a company expanding quickly, your company needs expert recruitment services, training and development, performance management and all other aspects of human resource management to invest in your workforce.


As costs continue to rise, virtual HRM not only affords you significant costs reduction in overhead but, the ability to casts time and energy spent on HR duties on what you do best -- growing your Company.


When you partner with All-4-HR & Business Solutions, you are sure to receive expertise, professionalism, and ingenuity from a technology-based firm ready to take on your human resource solutions so you are FREE to concentrate on growing your business!


   Company Values: 


     *  Respect
     *  Integrity
     *  Honesty

April D. Halliburton, MBA, BA
Founder & CEO 

Virtual HRM Business Partner

Small Business HRM Expert

We are passionate about making your Company a Success.
Strategic Human Resource Management is Essential to achieving Organizational Growth.

The People Behind

ALL-4-HR & Business Solutions LLC

April D. Halliburton, MBA, BA
Founder & CEO 

Virtual HRM Business Partner/Consultant

Small Business HRM Expert

As Founder/CEO, April D. Halliburton, MBA, BA opened the doors of All-4-HR & Business Solutions in 2009. Since then, she prides herself on providing the best virtual human resource management/consulting and virtual administrative services!


Currently, April holds a BA in Business Administration; MBA in Strategic Management, along with a post-graduate Human Resource Management Certificate. April has completed the Doctoral Organizational Management coursework, with plans of re-joining the doctoral journey in the very near future.


April’s educational and professional journey has enveloped a wide variety of paramount experiences, including serving as Diversity Committee Chairperson for the Human Resource Association of Greater Detroit (HRAGD) and previously serving as Chairperson on the Camp Fire of Southeast Michigan Board of Directors. All-4-HR & Business Solutions has consulted and managed the HR operations of small-midsize enterprises (SMEs) including virtual companies Committed Solutions Group (Mississippi), GMKS Transportation (Georgia) and several other virtual companies for almost a decade.


April’s professional experience includes more than 25 years of legal experience in labor/employment law, where she discovered her love and passion for human resource management while furthering her education. It was at that time, she began an accomplished consulting career in virtual human resource management/consulting in 2009 and still today. Educational accolades have enabled her to consult and manage small-mid-size enterprises (SMEs) across the country. 


April continues to follow her passion of empowering small-midsize enterprises across the country!!! 

Business Can Be Like a Circus -- Don't Let HR Be the Elephant in the Room! 

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